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3 in 1 Chest Expender

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Category: Vibration Plate & Abs Strengtheners

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  • Durable Material. Strength part springs are made of carbon steel wire which contains high performance of tension the maximum durable strength is 66 lb. Handle part and pedals also durable material allows your daily carefree exercise.
  • Adjustable Strength. Each spring is connected with separate hook which can be easily removed, for different exercise you can choose to use 2-4 springs. Each spring shares the same tension.
  • Detachable footboard. Pedals and handle are extra attached to the chest expander, with the spiral tools it's easily to be stalled for the use of arm training or shoulders training.
  • Multifunctional. It's a useful chest expander, and strong wrist developer, with attached handle and pedals can be nice strengthener for upper arm and back muscle training, with proper using also can be nice trainer for legs.


Product Dimension 70 cm x 41 cm x 3 cm
Box Dimension 37 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm
Weight 1.30 kg

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3 in 1 Chest Expender

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