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Multi Smith Rack(H)

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  • Functional trainer with all cable attachments (weight plates Not included)
  • Linear bearing commercial smith machine with solid steel barbell and diamond cut machined knurl for a firm grip
  • Functional trainer adjustable dual pulley system with commercial sealed bearing pulleys and a 1000 kg high tensile cable system
  • Multi-grip pull up bar with rubber and ring for resistance band assisted pull-ups
  • Plate loaded machine with a maximum 200 kg capacity on cables
  • Multiple post plate storage to keep weights off the floor
  • This machine comes with 2 dip attachments that are attached at the front of the machine. The position of the dip handles allow you to use them with a resistance band to give you assistance when performing dips.
  • The machine includes a rotational core trainer with t-bar row handles. Combine this with an Olympic barbell(not included) and you can perform many exercises including bent over rows and rotational torsonator core twists.


Product Dimension 165 cm x 180 cm x 230 cm
Box Dimension Box 1
214 cm x 39 cm x 11 cm
Box 2
115 cm x 38 cm x 15 cm
Box 3
107 cm x 48 cm x 18 cm
Box 4
181 cm x 38 cm x 15 cm
Weight Box 1
38.10 kg
Box 2
22.80 kg
Box 3
31.80 kg
Box 4
40.20 kg

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Multi Smith Rack(H)

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