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Power Tower Advance

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Category: Bench Press & Power Tower

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  • Multi-functional tower for push-ups, pull-ups, dips, bench press, leg raises and much more
  • Fold-up bench for dumbbell exercises including barbell rest for a barbell
  • 2-stage adjustable barbell rest
  • Sit up Station: Tone and build your body
  • Vertical Knee Raise Station: Reveal and define your six-pack abs
  • Push-up Station: Cushioned hand grips provide comfort while you work out your waist, abdomen, upper limbs and chest
  • Multi-grip pull-up station: Improve arm strength
  • Dip station: Padded hand grips to work on your upper-body especially triceps, chest and shoulder muscles
  • Material: Sewn Vinyl cushion, PP handle
  • Max weight capacity: 250 kg
Product Dimension:  
Box Dimension: 140 cm x 83 cm x 12 cm
Weight: 28 kg

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Power Tower Advance

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