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A good cardio workout keeps you fit. In order to get the best cardio exercise, you need to have good gym equipment. Desire Gym has some of the best gym equipment that is great for your cardio exercises. Here are some of the home gym equipment you can get.


1. Spinning Bike 8.5


First on the list is the Spinning Bike 8.5. It features the LCD monitor and you can conveniently track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned. The equipment features an adjustable seat and handlebar. You’ll be riding on it with the proper form to get a perfect fit.

You never have to get down and get some water during an exercise since it already has a water bottle holder built on it. Cycling will be comfortable with the anti-slip pedals. The Spinning Bike 8.5 also has adjustable toe cages and straps to keep your feet in place.

Cardio workout is easier with this gym equipment. You can have it in your home gym. It is available at Desire gym. You just have to order and have it delivered to your address. 


2. Treadmill 4.0


Burn more calories with the 4hp motorized treadmill. The Treadmill 4.0 features a built-in rubberize joint protection cushioning system. The equipment has a screen indicator that lets you track your pulse rate, time, speed, calories burned, & distance. You also can listen to music while doing your cardio on Treadmill 4.0.

You’ll find it easy to move on this treadmill since it features 2 wheels. And the 12 auto fitness program will give you more options on how to burn those calories while on the equipment. 


3. Elliptical Bike ADV



The final equipment on the list that’s perfect for your cardio exercise is the Elliptical Bike ADV. You can get this from Desire Gym for your home gym. This equipment lets you jog or bike because of its dual function.

You’ll easily be adjusted on the elliptical bike since it has 8 magnetic tension control for your convenience and safety. It’s made of a sturdy steel tubing that’s reinforced with a powdered coated finish. This enhances the durability of the equipment. It sure will last a long time. 



Getting the right equipment for your cardio exercises will give you the best results. It helps to know what these equipment are so you’ll have an idea of what to buy. All three of these equipment listed are great for an effective cardio workout.

Order these at Desire Gym and you’ll have the convenience of getting it delivered to your address.