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FW Lat Pull & Rowing

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Kategori: Station Gym Serbaguna & Kurungan

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  • Ideal for light construction and home use. Perform a variety of upper body exercises, such as latitude and longitude pulldown, triceps prone, sitting position, upright row and so on
  • High quality ball bearing pulleys, wide-grip bar and nylon bushings for smooth lat pull experience
  • Comfortable multi-position foam roller locks you in place for high pulley level work. Designed for biceps, forearms, latitude and longitude, shoulders, traps and triceps
  • Can perform a wide variety of upper body building exercises like lat pull downs, triceps press downs, seated rows, upright rows and more.
  • Thick frame and foot support with durable non-slip cover for maximum leverage to increase the thickness of the back and lower wings, adjustable seat height for all types of users


Product Dimension 121 cm x 66.5 cm x 196 cm
Box Dimension 197 cm x 28 cm x 14 cm
Weight 26.80 kg

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FW Lat Pull & Rowing

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